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Spam Frustration Most users see spam as an annoyance, and don't look past their cluttered in-boxes to the true severity of the of every aspect of our online world. The numbers show the truly frightening expansion of spam:
  • On average spam accounts for between 80-90+% of all email traffic.
  • In its Midyear Security Report, Cisco projected a 30% increase in spam volume for this year
  • Internet security firm Sophos reports that spam attacks via social networks are up 70% from last year
  • According toM86 Security Labs, 88% of all inbound email sent to corporations is spam
  • According to the Messaging Anti-Abuse Working Group's (MAAWG) Email Security and Usage Report, "half of email users in North America and in Western Europe have opened or accessed spam." Even worse, 46% of those users opened the spam intentionally. The sheer proliferation of spam makes it easy for spammers to find users who willingly open their messages.
Lock up your computerSpam is the lynchpin to a variety of attempts to gain access to your computer(s). By opening spam, users are opening their machines, and their entire networks. Increasingly, these computers become members of a an invading spam army. Without spam, hackers and cyber criminals would have to work much harder to exploit us and their efforts would be slowed considerably.

The longer you've been in business and had the same email address the more your address will be sold and shared amongst the spammers and the more you'll receive. We receive more than 300 spam emails on a normal day and sometimes it's well above that. Most are just an annoyance but some would be extremely dangerous if they actually got to us.

Not to worry, Vortices Design has the answer. We've teamed up with Digitar to provide state of the art protection for your in-box and your peace of mind. Working with a company whose only business is spam detection and elimination you can sleep easy knowing that you're protected.

Seven Reasons to Use a Cyber Security Company:
  • Provides improved manageability
  • Features guaranteed SLA
  • Affords flexibility and scalability
  • Provides high-quality security by security experts
  • Reduces bandwidth requirements and improves network performance
  • Plays a critical role in defense-in-depth security
  • Enhances cost savings surrounding security

Call us today at toll free 800.952.4182 or 208.323.2996 for pricing information. *

Even if you don't use our service, we encourage you to use the service of your choice for your protection and peace of mind. As reasonable as most services are, it's a small price to pay for the security of your business.

* Some restrictions apply. We will need access to your domains DNS records to modify your Mail Exchange (MX) record.
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