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"Traffic...Traffic...Traffic...and as we all know Traffic=Money!"

SEOAsk anyone with experience in e-commerce and they'll tell you that your web site needs three things to be successful: Traffic, Traffic, and more Traffic!

To be successful your online business needs a strong Internet presence, brand recognition, and visitors to your site resulting in higher conversion rates. To accomplish this, your site needs a prominent position in the major search engines. The higher your ranking, the more traffic and sales your company will experience. We specialize in achieving top placement in the major search engines for your company.

We offer affordable search engine optimization services and webmastering specifically designed for small businesses. We'll combine your business philosophy with extensive research and a targeted marketing strategy to achieve high rankings for your web site on the major search engines and directories - with the ultimate goal being increased Internet business for you.

Free website analysisFree Website Analysis - We provide a free analysis of your existing web site to show where you are currently ranked on the major search engines and directories. By reviewing your current status, we can more accurately determine what work needs to be done to your site to improve your search engine rankings. Your analysis will include all of the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. Click the REQUEST NOW button to get your free analysis and take the first step toward having a more successful web site.

Free Search Engine Consultation Consultation - After determining the current status of your web site, we'll discuss with you what steps we might use to improve your rankings. Our goal is to not only increase the number of visitors to your site, but to bring targeted clients to you looking for exactly what your business has to offer.

Optimization - Optimization of your site occurs after a period of focused research of your goals, your competition, and your potential clients. During copywriting, we maintain a balance between writing content for the search engines and your potential customers. Our time-tested methods have proven to greatly boost both web site visits and new business contacts for our clients.

Link Building - Our experts offer you the customized solution necessary to build the plethera of links that are necessary for your site. From creating relevant links through guest blogs posts to developing your in-content links, we’ll create a solution based on both your needs and your budget.

Webmastering - Once we have completed the optimization process, we can continually monitor your site, make improvements, and provide you with monthly statistics so that you can also see the results of your efforts. We place a great deal of value on good relationships with our clients and will work hard to ensure that your web site achieves the highest possible level of ranking.

1. We focus on Your Results, not just Ranking! Unlike some of our competitors, who only try to get top rankings in the search engines, we realize that a good search engine position is not enough to help your company become successful.

That's why we work hard to make sure that your site is visually attractive to your customers. We make sure that the description of your site (the one displayed in search engine results) will persuade and entice potential customers to click through to your site instead of your competitors.

2. We focus on Your Customers, not just Search Engines. A poorly designed web page means a poor first impression. When your customers have a negative first impression of your site, it's extremely unlikely that they will purchase your products and/or services! Instead, they'll just go to your competition. We work to make sure your customers have a great first impression of your site and your business. With descriptions that stand out and a great looking site, you'll bring in visitors and keep them.

3. We focus on YOU! We pride ourselves on our customer service. When you email us with a question or concern, you will receive a response within 24 hours, and usually within a few hours or even minutes!

4. We also make sure that you aren't left out of the optimization process. Unlike many of our competitors, who will submit your site under certain keyword phrases and then tell you what they are, we let you approve your keyword phrases before we start optimizing your site. This gives you the control you need to suggest any modifications you want.

Since our new site went online we have nearly doubled the number of inquiries about our products in comparison to our best previous year. The web site you created and the search engine promotions have generated new business through the on-line sale of our software packages to a market that previously didn't exist for us.

I highly recommend Vortices Design, Inc. to anyone wishing to increase their online business.

Karen Lockner, President
Fund Raisers, Ltd.
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Vortices Design
Vortices Design Vortices Design
Vortices Design Vortices Design

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