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Client: Unfolding Your Own Myth: Tunisia
VitalenLIGHTenment Project: Design new site.
Web Address: www.Unfolding-Your-Own-Myth-Tunisia.com

Project scope: Tunisia, on the Mediterranean coast of northern Africa with its rich history of Turkish and Arab empires dating back to the 12th century BC is also heavily influenced by European culture. The city dazzles and hums with the sights and sounds of a cultural carnival. Here you will find lavishly-tiled cafes, souks selling everything from shoes to shisha pipes, alleyways full of artisans at work, and residential areas punctuated by grand, brightly painted doorways. Historic palaces, mosques and medersas are scattered throughout.

A 10 day retreat into the culture of Tunisia with overnight stays in Carthage, Sidi Bou Said, Kairouan and Sousse.

Design Components: The site is a sub-set of VitalenLIGHTenment and is based on a parallax design theme with vertical scrolling to view the site. The site was produced in conjunction with Wanda Vitale and Theresa Luttenneger who selected all of the images, fonts and produced all of the content.

Design Components: New site design consisting of all graphics including the menu, images, design and site layout.

Graphic Editors: Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

Programming Languages: VB Script, Active Server Pages, JavaScript, jQuery and HTML

Responsive - Mobile Friendly: The site is fully responsive for PC, tablets and cell phones.

Web Hosting: Powered by Vortices Design.


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