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Client: Powell-Mucha Consulting
Powell-Mucha Consulting Inc. Project: Redesign of existing site
Web Address:

Project Scope: Founded in 2001, Powell-Mucha Consulting, Inc. helps companies in the electronics manufacturing services (EMS) industry and associated supply base improve internal processes, assess potential location choices and better build their brands.

Design components: This was a site re-design. The old site was built many years ago and lacked both visual and content impact. Our graphic designer Brian Florence has done design work for Powell-Mucha's clients in the past and it was wonderful to have the opportunity to redesign their web site. Owner Susan Mucha is extremely knowledgable and wrote all new content for the site and assisted in the selection of graphics to incorporate into the new design.

Bark Blowers Inc.Graphic editors: Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

Programming Languages: VB Script, Active Server Pages, JavaScript, DHTML and HTML.

Web Hosting: Powered by ProLogic Hosting, Inc.

David Maria made redesigning my website easy. I'm very pleased with both the overall look and the speed with which he got it programmed. This worked so well, I'm looking forward to teaming with him on creative projects for my consulting clients. If you are looking for a talented web development firm focused on customer satisfaction, Vortices Design is the place.

I only wish we had made these changes 10 years ago.

Susan Mucha, Owner
Powell-Mucha Consulting, Inc.
Vortices Design Vortices Design
Vortices Design Vortices Design

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