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Client: Idaho Child Support
Project: Design of new web site and application.
Web Address: www.idchildsupport.com

Idaho Child Support Project Scope: Idaho Child Support is an arm of Moonlighting Software and offers a comprehensive support calculation application for attorneys practicing family law.

The application is designed to calculate support payments for children when their parents are separating or divorcing. Based on personal and financial information entered into the application it auto-calculates the appropriate support for the children and prints appropriately formatted forms for filing with the courts.

Design Components: New site design including all graphics, navigation menu, all site images, content development and online forms. Designed company logo and images for business cards, stationary and images for the applications CD-ROM.

Graphic Editors: Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

Application Components: Design and coding of application.

Programming Languages: .NET, VB Script, Active Server Pages, JavaScript, DHTML and HTML.

Web Hosting: Powered by Vortices Design.

Golden Web Award winner for excellence in web site design

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