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Quality and integrity are our core guiding principles.

Vortices Design
Vortices Design
Developing your internet, application and marketing tools should be an enjoyable experience, not a chore. Our recipe for success includes a few ingredients you won't find just anywhere.

Our clients praise our work because we:
  • Listen to what they have to say
  • Meet deadlines without sacrificing quality
  • Provide helpful recommendations
  • Sweat the details
  • Respond promptly
  • Offer creative design and effective functionality
  • Know the secrets of search engine positioning
  • Offer both on-line and off-line marketing services
  • Provide regular progress reports
  • Thoroughly test your site to ensure it works perfectly
  • Make the process relaxing and comfortable
  • Complete E-commerce solutions so your business can flourish online.
  • Project methodology and management tools provide progress reports and ongoing participation in the development process.
We've been in business continuously since 1997 and we'll be here tomorrow to serve all your internet, software, graphic design and marketing development needs.

I have a Market Services company and for years I have used David Maria of Vortices Design to design web sites for my clients. They were not only pleased with the sites but also with the attention to detail, suggestions and follow up that he provided.

Because my subcontractors reflect on my own business it is critically important that providers like Vortices Design maintain professionalism and high quality results. They are the best and I will continue to use them for future projects.
Linda Murphy, President
Advantage Marketing Services Boise, ID

Vortices Design redesigned Boise Rescue Mission Ministries' website for free, building a look and style from the Mission's logo and the goals we had in mind for the site and incorporating images of the Missions' services.

They did an excellent job of taking the Mission staff's ideas for the content and making them come to life in a coherent whole. Vortices Design dedicated as much time as it took to get the website not only functional, but the best it could be, and brought the company's resources to bear to provide the Mission with the tools it needed to move forward with online communication and fundraising.

Vortices Design not only donated the time to redesign the website, but also provides hosting for free, and continues to provide maintenance and development of the site into the future.

I would recommend Vortices Design to anyone looking to create or improve their website - they know what they're doing, are dedicated to quality, and are community-minded. They are a company interested in more than profits - they're interested in helping to improve the lives of people in need. Without their help, Boise Rescue Mission Ministries' website would not be what it is today, and we sincerely appreciate their generosity.
Reverend Bill Roscoe
Boise Rescue Mission

I wanted to write to you to say thank you for accomplishing all that I have required over these past years, and how much I have appreciated your concerted efforts to always make my job easier and my days go a little bit smoother by assisting me with every aspect of running an e-commerce site.

And I just want to convey to others, I have been with Vortices Design since 2006 and I can truly say that anyone wishing to have a website done, this company will get it done the right way. I researched many companies before choosing Vortices Design and I know in the long run this company has saved me time and money. David Maria, whom I worked with primarily during the construction of my site, consistently met deadlines, and typically was available at a moments notice and the attention to detail was excellent.

What they did with the photos for my site was brilliant and I love it. I would never have thought of it. My customers are going to love it and it will make the shopping experience again, very upscale and beautiful.

I use their shopping cart as well and it has more than met the needs of me and my customers. I find their prices to be highly competitive and hosting fees to be reasonable. Whenever there is the smallest problem, it is usually resolved, if not immediately, very soon after that.

Without a doubt the results were exceptional and continue to be for me and my company, Sterling Minerals Cosmetics. Thanks for everything!

Katherine Corkill
Founder / Creator Sterling Minerals

It was such a pleasure to work with you and your firm during the development of our website. Not only do you have a high level of technical skills in the programming aspects of web page development, you also know the marketing nuances that allow for a more effective web site. The flexibility you showed us during the negotiation phases of our relationship led us to feel very comfortable that you would accommodate a variety of structural components for the entire project. I was very appreciative of your flexibility, timing and your availability at any given time which was conducive to progress. One area that customers highly appreciate is excellent response of communication which you excel at. Add the the fact that everyone here felt very comfortable working with you one-on-one and relied upon your expertise and all of us look forward to working with you again in the future.
Walt Mott, Biomatrix Solutions

I would definitely recommend Vortices Design, especially for those that are in my situation that have never created a website, and are not familiar with the process. I had a vision of what I wanted and Vortices Design not only listened to what we requested but made recommendations on how to improve what we wanted, did the work on schedule and made my vision a reality. I really appreciate their patience and guidance through the development of our new website. They turned what I initially considered a daunting task into a pleasant experience and I am truly pleased with the outcome.
Sharon Adams
STRATA, Inc. Engineering
Materials Testing and Construction Inspection Services

Having Vortices Design develop our internet web site was one of the best business decisions we have made! On your website, when you say, "quality and integrity are our core guiding principles", you really carry through on your commitment! Your development of our site, providing the best search engine positioning, customizing things we asked for and making our site completely bilingual, was indeed an enjoyable experience.

You always met our deadlines conscientiously always providing the best solutions. If we had any concerns, all it took was a phone call and whatever challenges we were having were addressed right away. Vortices Design routinely listened to our needs and took into consideration our input, no matter how inexperienced we came across. We always felt that you were totally focused on our needs every time we called, although we knew you were working with other clients at the time. We really appreciated your suggestions for the best complete e-commerce solutions and ideas necessary to make our site a flourishing success!

Your patient and thorough training for us has made the maintenance of our site run smoothly. If we ever have questions, you carefully guide us to the solutions. The behind the scenes management tools provide us with critical information on demographics of our visitors, and sales data, etc.

By the time Vortices Design finished Sondevida.com, we knew without a shadow of a doubt we had chosen the best designers, programmers, marketing experts and developers for our business. And not the least, in the interim we also gained a fine friend.

Vortices Design comes with our highest recommendation for anyone who wishes to create a dynamic web site and market their products and services.

Frederick and Aleta Sonnenberg, Owners
Sondevida, LLC

Vortices Design, Inc. has done an extraordinary job creating and maintaining my three websites. All of my sites were beautifully designed and function beyond my expectations. I am very pleased with Mr. Maria and his staff. They respond quickly to any issues and concerns I have, plus are available when I need to add or change anything. I continually get compliments on my sites, and my sales have increased. Thank you for all your efforts.
Michelle Larsen, Owner
Idaho Gift Baskets, Redneck Gifts & Idaho Wine Baskets

Thank you for all your hard work and diligence in making the Fund Raisers, Ltd. web site the best out there. That sentiment paraphrases comments we regularly receive from prospects and clients who find us through the Internet Prospects tell us that they have visited a number of our competitors' web sites. In each case they tell us our site is the easiest to navigate, the friendliest to use and the quickest to load. Many go on to say that the ease of access to our site was the deciding factor in their choice to call us.

I also appreciate your dedication to customer service. During the design and implementation of our new web site you consulted with me regularly to ensure that you met my standards. At no time did I feel that I was in over my head. Although I knew you were working with numerous clients, whenever we spoke I felt that you were completely focused on my company's needs. Your continued follow up has been exemplary. You check in regularly to be sure that our web site still suits my requirements.

I especially want to thank you for increasing my business. Since our new site went online in January of 2002 we have nearly doubled the number of inquiries about our products in comparison to our best previous year. The web site you created has generated new business through the on-line sale of our software packages to a market that previously didn't exist for us.

I highly recommend Vortices Design, Inc. to anyone wishing to design or redesign a web site.
Karen Lockner, President
Fund Raisers, Ltd.

Not only do you have a high level of technical programming skill, you knew the marketing nuances to effectively promote our web site. Your communication skills and quick responses to our questions were invaluable to us during the development process.

Walt Mott, President and CEO
BioMatrix Solutions

If you have an opportunity to work with Vortices Design, take it. These people are top notch. They are professional in everything they do. When I first contacted them I knew immediately this was the company I was going to work with. Their service is great! If you need to make changes in your web site or software they do it quickly and accurately. They are very knowledgeable in what they do. I've been very pleased with their design work and turn around time.

It's not often you find a company that really likes what they do and put all their energy into it. I would definitely say that Vortices Design soars above the competition.

Brent El-Bakri, President
Practical OPC

When I was looking for a developer to put my company online a friend of mine highly recommended I speak with Vortices Design. They are not only very knowledgeable but are able to communicate their knowledge and expertise about the Internet to me so I understood what it was possible to do. They always told me what they thought of any ideas I had and made recommendations on how to improve my site.

Their ability to understand my business and how to present and promote it online were invaluable in helping me to finalize what I wanted the site to do. From beginning to end the process went extremely well. I was surprised at the amount of care that they took keeping me involved throughout the development of the site. I was never in the dark about anything.

I quickly discovered their most valuable service came after the site was developed. They were always available to assist me with any questions that I had. People need to understand that once the web site is finished there will still be questions and assistance that a person will need, and Vortices Design provides this service.
Jessa Jahn, Owner

A few words to describe Vortices Design would be professional, knowledgeable, and reliable. This company is truly dedicated to problem solving services. We had the good fortune of finding Vortices Design over a decade ago and have always been pleased with the level of service we have received and would highly recommend them to anyone.
Gary Stoll, Owner
Vegas Slot Distributing

Thank you for the great job on the redesign of our web site, the difference in our old web site versus the redesigned web site is remarkable. The new and inventive ideas you brought to the table, due to your years of experience, were beyond any we had imagined. You spent a great deal of time going over every detail of our business and getting to know us personally, and that is what made the difference. Thanks to you our web site now has the professional touch we were looking for.

The convenience of hosting and maintaining our web site is another reason we will continue to do business with your company.
Brent Richards, President
Boise Steel Erectors

It has been a great pleasure to work with Vortices Design during our company's web site development. They are remarkably skilled in their field and helped with our site's content as well as managed all technical development. No one in our company is very familiar with web site development, and they were always considerate and patient during all phases of the project, taking as much time as needed to explain the process to us. We could not be more pleased with Vortices Design's services and we are delighted with our web site. I would highly recommend their company for any Internet related endeavor.
Ron Allen
Western Steel Manufacturing

Since Vortices Design redesigned our web site our orders have nearly doubled. Projecting a stronger professional presence has lent our company more credibility and boosted our customers confidence in ordering online at our site. During our redesign process you made sure we were with you every step of the way. Thank you Vortices Design!

DeaAnna Roe, President
The Avon Zone

Vortices Design managed to take our old web site, and turn it into a truly professional web based media tool for our company. The expedient and detailed care that was put into every page and the conscientious attention paid to our current and continuing needs, has allowed us the rare comfort of knowing that any task is neither too great nor too small.

From the creation of the site, to our current software database needs, Vortices Design has always offered us sound advice and is always conscious of our budgetary considerations. I cannot imagine what we would do without their expert knowledge of web site development, database creation, and other numerous services they provide to us. Without a doubt, Eagle's Consulting will continue to be our company of choice for all of our internet and software development needs.
Sheila R. McDonald, Owner
Rainy Day Resources, Inc.

The web design and advertising industry seems to be filled with many incompetent and greedy people who are more interested in making a fast buck then in providing services of real value. However, each experience with Vortices Design has always been professionally competent and industry knowledgeable, courteous, and prompt.

From my first contact onward I continue to be impressed with your website design and website market knowledge. Your prices are fair and your service is excellent. I love my website and the search rankings we currently hold. I will be recommending your services to all I come in contact with regarding website design and hosting. Thank you again!
Dan Perry, Principle
ArrowSCAN Corporation

When we asked Vortices Design to redesign our website we were looking to add a new level of sophistication and professionalism to our current website. We also wanted to improve our search engine positioning. Mission accomplished! In the initial phases we worked with Vortices Design for hours at a time, and they patiently took all the time needed to help us though this stage in the process. Once our website was complete, we settled into a comfortable once-a-week maintenance schedule.

Responsiveness is their best attribute. Vortices Design is extremely quick to respond, easy to get a hold of, doing whatever it takes, even if it means working off-hours, to get the job done in a very timely manner. We have also used Vortices Design to do other printing and design projects. Continually, they step up to the plate to help us get these tasks completed to meet our deadlines. When they say they will get it done, we know they mean it!

We consider our website to be a very key piece in our marketing plan. More and more, we find ourselves directing our retailers and customers to our website for the most current and complete information on our company, products and technology. We now have a website that represents our company well and that we are very proud of, thanks to the work of Vortices Design!

Edward K. Pastor, Co-founder and President
Episciences, Inc.

For Wild Vistas Trekking, Vortices Design created an extremely attractive, compelling and easy to navigate website. I have found that our potential customers actually enjoy the time they spend exploring the site. Our web traffic has increased dramatically. More importantly, our bookings have increased dramatically. I attribute the increase in business directly to quality of the work by Vortices Design.

Periodic changes to the site, such as additions to our schedule, are done promptly and professionally. I have dealt with a number of individuals and companies that design and maintain websites and I can say with complete candor how pleased I am that I found Vortices Design.

Paul Knight, Owner
Wild Vistas Trekking

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Vortices Design
Vortices Design Vortices Design
Vortices Design Vortices Design

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