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Big Commerce Authorized ResellerVortices Design offers a creative approach to e-commerce website design. As an experienced custom website developer, we have proven online strategies to maximize your Internet marketing efforts.

Shopify As e-commerce website designers located in Hood River, Oregon and Boise, Idaho, Vortices Design has the tools and experience to drive web traffic to your site. Take advantage of our knowledge and skills to create a custom website design that will grab the attention of search engines and customers alike.

Volusion PartnerDoing business on the Internet not only compliments your company's storefrontbut has become a necessity to successfully compete in today's market. The sooner you position your company on the Internet the better you can serve your customers.

Sales graphWhether you choose to use our in-house shopping cart or another solution like Big Commerce or Volusion, we are experts in producing complete E-commerce solutions for your company. It is our goal to help you make your products and services readily available to your customers, so they can quickly and easily make online purchases.

Linking all the components required for an electronic transaction into a seamless process simplifies your customer's shopping experience and streamlines your company's process flow. A typical feature set for an e-commerce site might contain:

  • The ability for your customers to create an account / profile online, including the ability to modify their profile once it has been created
  • With a personal profile, your customers can log into your site, be welcomed with a personal greeting when they return, and easily purchase your products with the information in their profile
  • Place online orders
  • Receive confirmation of their order by email
  • Have the ability to modify or cancel their orders online
  • Process payments electronically
  • Select a shipping address that is different than the billing address
  • Inventory management, including notification when the quantity of an item falls below a specified threshold
  • Email notification to your customers that their order has been shipped
When properly implemented, e-commerce simplifies the way you do business and expands your customer base.

Shopping Cart Solutions

We have developed our own custom shopping cart for use with your e-commerce site. It was developed specifically with scalability in mind. Whether you have 10 items or 100,000 or more items to sell, it can easily handle your company's needs. Below are some examples of company's currently using our cart.


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FootFix Replacement Insoles
Foot Fix Replacement Insoles

SSL Certificates

When setting up an e-commerce web site you need to know if you want to process credit cards online, off-line at a terminal, or accept no credit cards at all. Processing credit cards online requires a merchant account. Using a payment gateway, orders are passed from an encrypted page, (SSL), to your merchant account. They then verify the validity of the credit card, determines if sufficient funds are available, charge the card the appropriate amount, deposit the funds into your bank account and notify you of the transaction. We can assist you in getting your merchant account and your payment gateway setup.

When taking customers credit card numbers, your customers want to be assured their personal information is being sent securely over the internet and cannot be intercepted by unscrupulous persons. Technologies like "Secure Socket Layers (SSL)" are used to encrypt data as it is being transmitted. SSL requires the use of a "certificate", which can be thought of as a "key" that locks the incoming data, and unlocks it when it arrives so the information can be used.

If you are using a shared hosting plan you can use one of our certificates or you can purchase one of your one. For example, secure.yourwebsite.com. If you are using one of our dedicated servers you will need to purchase your own certificate.
To simplify the process for you we can obtain the certificate on your behalf.
If you would like to request additional information about our services please Request a Bid.
Vortices Design
Vortices Design Vortices Design
Vortices Design Vortices Design

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