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Your brand is how your customers perceive you!

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Tricycle Vortices Design works with and entheusastically supports Tricycle and Justin Foster. Justin's approach to marketing fits perfectly with our philosophy.

Tricycle works with great organizations to blend strategy, identity, and social interaction to reveal and communicate your true brand to the marketplace. We start with one question: Does your brand inspire others?

At Tricycle, we believe that every organization has a purpose - and that when you understand and communicate your purpose, you inspire people to embrace your ideas, purchase your products, and talk about you in the marketplace.  Brands that inspire people have a competitive edge over organizations that don’t.  They have greater customer retention, higher marketing ROI, and legacies that change lives.

To support these principles, we created Tricycle, a brand development firm that provides the systems, processes and expertise to reveal and communicate these elements in your brand.  In short, we help you reveal why your brand exists and help you tell the world why they should buy from you.

Ten Tricycle Facts
  1. Founded in 2007.
  2. Based in downtown Boise, Idaho.
  3. The name Tricycle comes from our belief that marketing should be fun and simple.
  4. Creators of the “1000 Year Brand™” model and the “Discovery Triangle™.”
  5. Expertise and experienced in strategy, design, advertising, PR, sales, web, and more.
  6. Clients across every major industry including Fred Meyer, Weyerhaeuser, HP, and the State of Idaho.
  7. Began teaching social media to our clients in 2005.
  8. Have conducted over 250 workshops and seminars as far away as Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
  9. Involved in our local community and worldwide social media groups (connections totaling 7500+).
  10. We are defined by the people that surround us. We seek life-long, peer-level relationships.

There has been a common thread amongst our clients large and small; they belief that their brands exist for a reason beyond the business model.  That they aren’t just marketing a product or service, but inviting people to participate in their purpose.  Our role in this effort is to reveal and articulate this purpose while applying modern branding methods and principles.  We work with your executive team, internal staff, and existing agencies to create a collaborative approach to grow your brand and get things done.

At the heart any purpose-driven brand is the ability for anyone that touches your brand to clearly answer these three questions:

  1. Why does our brand exist?
  2. How do others perceive us?
  3. What makes us different?
The ultimate goal of our methodology is to great momentum in the marketplace that drives demand and creates a direct impact to your bottom-line through increased sales, customer retention, employee satisfaction, and positive presence in your community.

Tricycle 1000 year brand Tricycle 1000 year brand

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Vortices Design
Vortices Design Vortices Design
Vortices Design Vortices Design

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